Virtually autonomous functional cell, helps the student managers by providing guidance in career planning, in-house training, summer internship and job placement. Services of the cell are under the guidance of faculty members assisted by Training and Placement Officer. 

CDC, however, is not just about student placement. Its primary objective is to assist our students acquire the skills and proactive mindset that not only help them to get the first managerial job, but also prepares them for lifelong career development in today’s volatile business world. MSM’s close proximity to the national capital is an added advantage for the students to have instant access to the multinational business community functioning from Business Hubs of National Capital Region. MSM’s location also encourages members of the business community to visit the institute both for informal meetings and job interviews. To achieve this goal, CDC provides a wide variety of services that are essential in the overall career development of the student managers.

The Career Resource Centre (CRC)

CRC maintains complete records of recruiting companies and students recruited, annual reports and volumes of job-search and industry-related reference books, DVD’s of corporate presentations, CDC organized workshops, grooming classes. A Career Search Terminal is also available in MSM’s computing lab.

Career Counseling and Planning

In knowing exactly where one is to head or ready to explore options, CDC plays the role of a dynamic partner in the process of identifying the career path. CDC provides first-year students with the skills needed to conduct a successful search for a summer internship. Right from the first Trimester, workshops and programs instigate them to assess their skills and values, define their career goals, prepare a resume, hone their interviewing and networking techniques, and conduct a successful job search. The students also benefit from panel discussions with alumni and second-year students and participate in mock interviews organized by CDC and administered by the MSM student clubs.

Industrial Awareness Program

CDC enables MSM students to visit a number of large industries and to meet with leading corporate representatives, including alumni, and learn about different industries, organizational cultures, and corporate environments. These type of meetings are not job interviews, rather information sharing sessions in which corporate advisors share their knowledge, insight, and experiences.

Summer Internship Program

(SIP) Master School of Management, is very particular on practical training of the students. As we understand, class room lectures prompt the students to conceive particularities of ground reality. Practical training, by its’ implied nature imparts the students a sense of universal conviction and such conviction forms the basis of their capability which enables them for taking responsive decisions as managers. 

The summer training also stimulates in shaping the sense of skills and abilities and interests of the students. In order to succeed, it also helps in providing the additional focus in identifying the areas where they need to develop deeper knowledge and skills. As part of the curriculum, each student is required to undertake a project work of direct relevance to the concerned organization for a period of approximately eight weeks. For eight week students works in the mentorship of a senior manager of the company as well as senior faculty member of the institute. Besides, working in the company the students undertake project to understand the enterprise in the holistic manner. For this students interact and collect facts from various stakeholders as well as from the enterprise . After that, such data is processed and analyzed to provide findings amenable to assist the decision making of the enterprise. On the one hand particularities of such investigation convert the impression of the students into real field experience and on the other help the enterprise to formulate it’s decision with some amount of reliability. The student is subsequently required to appear for a viva-voce before a panel of experts to present the findings. MSM through industrial interface, management development & career development cells facilitates students in getting placed in various corporates for summer training to learn under the guidance of practicing managers.

Placement Brochure

CDC prepares a placement brochure wherein resumes of students are systematized indicating geographical areas of interest, language skills, professional acumen and other categories. Circulated to large number of leading employers through- out the country, this brochure facilitates employers to contact students directly or arrange interviews through CDC.


CDC functions as a catalyst between the companies and MSM students by organizing interview at MSM Campus as well as in corporate houses. CDC plays a highly proactive role in matching the right students with the right jobs.

Corporate representatives come to MSM to interview students for full-time employment; first-year students are interviewed for summer internships. Most recruiting companies give corporate presentations in which they describe their activities and strategies and discuss career opportunities and employment requirements.